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Good Nutrition > Happiness!

The research shows that there is a strong correlation between what you eat and how you feel. Think back about the last time you overindulged in chocolates and how you felt after the momentary high or when you indulged in too many carbohydrates too many processed foods, white bread, chips, fatty foods,salty foods. How did you feel ? Now think back to the time when you made a conscious decision to fuel your body with healthy food, with healthy liquids. What were some of the differences? Well for starters you might have felt like you had a hangover, lethargic, deflated like a balloon. If you had an expensive automobile would you fuel it with sugar? I bet you wouldn't and yet our bodies are our slaves and have to adapt to whatever we throw into them. When you create the habit of healthy eating you take charge of your life; you feel in control; you have choices. This doesn't mean that you can't have sugars; that doesn’t mean you can't have the other things that you like, but in moderation. That's why most diets don't work because they don't teach us how to interact with food in a healthy way. It’s easy to lose the excess weight but can you maintain the weight loss? I'm talking about a healthy lifestyle change; about filling your refrigerator with water-filled vegetables like celery, cucumber, even broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and sweet peppers to name a few. Your mood will elevate. I'm talking about a habit for happy life by healthy eating. Say to yourself “I get to fuel my car with expensive fuel and I'm worth it.” I guarantee that you will feel more in control in spite of the pandemic because you're exerting control in a very important area of your life. Think of the people who will support you;the times in your past when you were successful; of the qualities you have like drive for instance that will help you with this new habit; with how it fits into your philosophy of life. These are some of the resources you already have. And remember that a healthy cell is a happy cell! Your immune system gets a boost; your stress level drops, your get infected with happiness!

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