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Increasing your happiness index

How does exercise and nutrition make you feel happier? First off exercise, especially outdoors, and anything that involves cardiovascular exercise has been proven to elevate your mood. Think about the last time you went for a power walk or just a 10 minute walk outside and became aware of all the awesome details around you. It might be that you went on an imaginary expedition outside and felt for the first time in a long time connected with nature. You used your five senses and could hear things; smell things; see things; taste things; hear things differently. Dacher Keltner calls this the science of awe. Recall the last time you did some cardiovascular activity. Do you remember how good you felt or how energized you felt? Your levels of cortisol had dropped meaning your stress levels had dropped. You felt renewed energy optimism and focus. Check how you felt before you exercise and after. I like using the when/then formula .eg WHEN I wake up I choose to put on my exercise clothes THEN I GET to exercise even as I redistribute my cellulite!!! (Lol) And don’t forget to start off with a SMALL goal of 10 minutes exercise daily; later you may increase it to 15 minutes and so on. During these difficult times now is not the time to set yourself up for failure by setting huge goals. This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Can you imagine the sensation of success you’ll have by doing this 10 minute workout every day?

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